Seeking HLST Course Enrollment Permission Form

Read the followings before seeking permission and enrolling:


  1. This request form is only for Health Studies (HLST) Courses offered by our School.  Contact other departments for NON-HLST courses. Visit a complete list of undergraduate programs.
  2. Upon submitting a request, students must have already passed all course pre-requisites outlined in each course description.   Pre-requisites of HLST courses are strongly enforced.
  3. Course Instructor permission is not a guarantee of being granted permission to enroll based on other restrictions that may apply (for examples: course is full, course prerequisites not met, etc).
  4. Refer to the Add/Drop Deadline Dates in Important Dates, Tuition Refund Tables and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) "Seeking Permission to Add a Course" section).


Yes, I understood the above stated conditions and would like to complete a Seeking HLST Course Enrollment Permission Form for the Fall 2021, Winter 2022 & Year 2021-2022 Terms