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School of Health Policy & Management

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Missed Tests/Exams

  •  Where can I find the Policy on Requesting Make-Up Examinations & Late Assignment Submissions for the School of Health Policy & Managment?
  • What if I missed an assignment (excluding a final assignments) due to a valid medical emergency, illness or other unforeseen circumstance?
    • Please contact your course instructor directly and negotiate with, and seek approval from the course instructor directly by email no later than 1 (one) calendar day after the medical emergency, illness or other unforeseen circumstance occurred. No forms are required.
  • What if I missed a mid-term test or exam due to a valid medical emergency, illness or other unforeseen circumstance?
  • What if I missed a final assignment or exam due to a valid medical emergency, illness or other unforeseen circumstance?

    • Download the forms for Final Exam/Assignment Deferred Standing Agreement and the Attending Physician's Statement, and submit the completed forms to the SHPM main office (HNES, room #403) no later than 7 days following either the missed examination or the last day to submit course work.
    • Once the forms have been reviewed and a decision made, students will be emailed the decision regarding the deferred status.
  • Where do I write an approved deferred exam?
    • The School of Health Policy & Management sets a Deferred Makeup Date  and location for a missed exam. This date is not negotiable. Students deferring more than one exam should note that they may be writing multiple exams on the same deferred exam date.
    • Students can only defer a final exam once. If they do not write on the accommodated deferred date, students will need to proceed with a formal petition (see info on petitions).
  • What are the instructions for Deferred Exam Procedures?

Seeking Permission to Add a Course

  • How do I seek Permission to Add a Course?
    • When trying to register into a course, students may get a message that "seats may be restricted, please contact the department". This is a standard message for the university. If you continue to try and add the course it will allow you to, once sufficient space is available.
  • Permission to add a course will not be accepted by telephone
    • Students in the School of Health Policy and Management seeking permission to add a course must send an email to with the following:
        1. Student Name
        2. Student Number
        3. Course Catalogue Number

Permission to Enrol Late

  • How do I seek Permission to Enrol Late? This form is used to petition to enrol late in a course. It should only be used to enrol after the last date to add a course with permission from the course director (see Important Dates). Special permission Forms are made available to students at this time. Students should pick up the form from outside of Ross N519 Ross, and then take the form to the course instructor for approval. Finally, students should return the form to N519 Ross during office hours. Students should make sure that they submit the forms before the last day to add a course with instructor permission.

Information on Grades

  • Where can I find my Final Grades?
    • Final Grades are posted online on York University's Moodle website.
    • If the grade is not available, students should contact their instructor.
    • The SHPM Office does not give out grades to students.
    • If a student deferred their exam, their grade will not appear online.
    • After students write the deferred exam, they can obtain the grade from their instructor.
  • What if I feel my grade is not correct?
    • If a student feels their grade is not correct, they should contact their instructor.
    • Students also have the option of a Grade Reappraisal, noting that as a result grades can go up, down or remain the same
    • Students should contact the main SHPM offfice (HNES, room #403) to complete and submit a Grade Reappraisal Form. The School of Health Policy & Management will then process the form and make the decision
    • Students will be notified by mail the outcome of the decision
    • Students should note the Grade Reappraisal Deadline Dates: Fall Term (F) February 15th, Fall/Winter (F/W) June 15th, Winter (W) June 15th, Summer (SU, S1, S2) September 30th

Course Withdrawal

  • Where can I find information about Course Withdrawal after the last day to drop a course without receiving a grade for a term up until the last day of classes for the term has ended?
  • There are two applications of the Withdrawn from Course Policy: when an undergraduate student drops a course near the end of the term—but before classes have ended—and when a student petitions to drop a course after classes have ended for the term


  • What is an Academic Petition?
    • An Academic Petition is a written request for the waiver of a Faculty's academic regulation or deadline.
  • Where can I find the Academic Petitions website?
    • Sometimes, the petition requires a Course Performance Summary form (found on Academic Petitions website under "What Documents Do I Need To Submit" tab
    • Please bring your Course Performance Summary form to the main School of Health Policy & Management office, HNES building, room 403 to be completed by the instructor/department
    • Students will receive an email when the form is available for pickup
    • The complete petition package should then be handed in to the Registrar’s Office

Academic Honesty & Integrity

Note: a lack of familiarity with the Senate Policy  on Academic Honesty & Integrity cannot be used as a defence by those accused of academic misconduct.