Director's Message

Ellen Schraa

Welcome to the Undergraduate Program at the School of Health Policy and Management.

The School offers three specialized major programs -- Health Policy, Health Management, and Health Informatics - all leading to a Specialized Honours, Bachelor of Health Studies (BHS) (120 credits). The School also offers an Honours major in Health Studies incorporating courses in health policy, health management, and health informatics in one program, leading to an Honours, Bachelor of Health Studies (BHS). The Honours major is useful for students wishing to pursue a double major honours degree or a major/minor combination with another program at York.  A 90-credit Bachelor of Health Studies (BHS) is also option.  Students majoring in other York honour programs can add a health policy, health management or health informatics minor.  There is also a Health Informatics Certificate you can pursue while completing your degree at York

The School’s approach to health and health care focuses on broader population and social justice issues. Societal factors that determine why some people stay healthy and others become ill are examined such as income, stress, early life experiences, social exclusion, work conditions, unemployment, social support, food and transportation, as well as varying perspectives including women, Indigenous communities, persons with disabilities, and a range of ethnic communities. By incorporating a determinants of health approach, the programs offered in the School emphasize the organization of health care and other systems, the diversity of Canadians, the role of communities, and fairness and social justice as integral considerations in the development of effective health care models. These concerns are incorporated into the study of the most recent developments in management practice, health planning, and the use of information and technology in health care.

Our graduates are doing really interesting work post-graduation.  Some have pursued post-graduate professional programs, such as law or medical school, or Master’s programs, well many others have begun their working careers, in hospitals, clinics, government, or non-government organizations. We are a relatively small university program, so you will get to know your professors and we consider your success our success!  We wish you the very best and please reach out when you have questions.

Dr. Ellen G. Schraa

Undergraduate Program Director